Free Hot Water Powered By Your Solar

Powerdiverter diverts your excess solar automatically to your hot water tank, before exporting back to the grid, so you get free hot water from your own power. Powerdiverter customers reduce their electricity bills by up to 30%.
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How to get free hot water

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Smart Design

Smart Technology

Powerdiverter is the original inventor of the solar diversion technology established in 2012. For a decade we have been developing and improving our technology and products to only offer the highest quality to our customers. 
We are proud to say Powerdiverter is the most reliable solar diverter in the market.
year warranty
year life expectancy
Patented technology
Designed and manufactured in Australia

With over 7000 happy Powerdiverter customers

this is what we have achieved so far


metric tons of CO2 saved


kWh's diverted


reduced in power bills

Why Powerdiverter?


The Powerdiverter works around you, always prioritising your home’s appliances, and only using excess solar, so you can set and forget (unlike timers).
Quick Installation, done under 2 hrs, with no plumbing or additional wiring required.
Zero maintenance required.


Use up to 100% of your excess solar.

Always plenty of hot water in all weather conditions thanks to the scheduled boosting with access to off-peak rates.

Easy boost button for added convenience.


Powerdiverter uses your existing solar PV and hot water tank making it the most affordable hot water solution available.

Fastest payback for solar hot water systems (2 years) with average savings of $400 annually.

Our finance options allow you to pay as you save with no upfront investment.

"Over the last 5 years we have had three different solar power diverters installed, and now we are finally very happy with the Powerdiverter, both in reliability, functionality and the fact that there is no operational management required. Set and forget."

Ralph Mullins - Hornsby, NSW

Highest quality Affordable price

Lower your electricity bills by up to 30%. On average, the payback for a fully installed Powerdiverter is 2 years. This is one of the best investments for your solar you can make.

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Powerdiverter is the original inventor of the solar diversion technology established in 2012.
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