Powerdiverter Model 2

Powerdiverter diverts excess solar to your electric hot water tank throughout the day to maximise your solar consumption and giving you access to free hot water.


The Model 2 has been developed specifically for Australian conditions, and is compatible with any standard electric hot water tank, along with other resistive loads such as underfloor heating, and heat batteries.


Available with a Weatherproof cover option (IP 65 Rating), and an off-peak relay for boosting on the lower tariff. Please get in contact for more details.        

Wireless Sensors 

Powerdiverter has mastered the art of wireless sensor technology, allowing the Model 2 unit to be compatible with single, dual and 3 phase homes.

This allows more flexibility with installation and also offers a solution for complicated setups that have sub-boards and multiple phases.


With a range of 70m through walls and 300m outdoors in optimal conditions, this ensures reliability. Each sensor comes with a 5V AC adaptor for a hassle-free, ongoing connection with the Powerdiverter unit. 


For situations with poor range, we also offer extendable antennas. Please get in contact for more information.   

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